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“A few months back during the early part of winter I noticed that our irrigation sprayers were losing pressure after a running for a while. Then they stopped running altogether. It was not a pump problem but a well problem. The water level was low and the galvanized pipes of the 10 year old well had obviously rusted through somewhere and we had sucked a bunch of sand into my irrigation system.  We had a big problem….

It was a long, cold winter, and with not much growth happening I did not worry much about my irrigation problem. This all changed when we went from the winter that seemed like it would not end, straight into to a hot dry start to the summer. Without irrigation, my lawn and beds suffered with big areas looking like a desert. I could not wait and had to do something.

I searched the Yellow Pages and local internet search pages for someone who could help us solve our problem. I made a number of calls to local well drilling and irrigation companies who called themselves experts. In most cases I only got to speak to an uninterested employee, and at  best I got a few half-hearted suggestions as to what I could do to try and save the well. I also got a few quotes for a new well, but no one offered to come out and see the situation in person.

I was however lucky and called Tim Bechtold, owner of Bechtold Well Drilling. I had been referred to him by a number of local contacts who had done business with him or his family in the past. Tim scheduled a time to come out and see what the situation was with the old well, and kept his word and was there at the agreed time.

After looking at the old well and testing the pump etc. he announced that we would have to put in a new well. He gave me a quote and explained fully what was included, how they would do it and when he could schedule me. With the drought situation he was very busy but promised to fit me in within a week or so.

A few days later Tim Bechtold called to confirm that he would be at our house on the scheduled date and sure enough they were there on time. A few hours later, the rotary drilling rig and the expert Bechtold team had the new well installed and hooked up to my pump and I had water running for the first time in months.

Tim even did a quick service and some repair work on my pump which had been standing idle  for months to get me up and running, and did not charge me a cent extra. I am sure that many of the other companies would have charged me extra or tried to sell me a new pump and motor.

I am now the happy owner of a 90′ deep 2″ PVC cased well which delivers plenty of crystal clean water. No more rust stains from stinky irrigation water for me!

‘Why use Rusty when you can use Bechtold!

Better yet my lawn is recovering and my wife is happy.

Tim Bechtold and the Bechtold Well Drilling team are reliable, honest expert professionals and I am happy to endorse and recommend them.”

Greg Land

Vero Beach.

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